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Our journey began as a company in 2006, working as Plumbing & Heating Engineers in the building industry my partner at the time had one night over a cold beer discussed earplugs and how expensive it was to get good fitting personalised custom earplugs made and you had to travel to have this done at the time. What seemed like a far off idea that night moved on to the next day and the challenge to see if it could become a reality, that an easy to use affordable do it yourself earplug could be sourced and presented for sale.

Working alongside and taking full advice from HSE and Trading Standards, the product was tested and ready to be sold to the UK/EU and Worldwide market. Our company quickly upon launch was a huge success due to immediate demand. At the same time, we took our custom mouldable earplug kit to the MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show at Ingleston, our very first show. We set up our indoor stall and the response took us by complete surprise from the outset. By Sunday lunchtime we had sold out of our entire stock. We returned home to check our emails and website to find a huge volume of online sales and enquiries in the following weeks after the show from people who had passed on our company details to friends and family.

Around the same time, we launched our product onto E-Bay to sell, taking DIY earplugs to a wider and further afield market, with great success. We had hit the motorcycle world and were now getting rave reviews in bike magazines, forums, bike clubs.

In addition, we branched out on to the wholesale market to mostly motorcycle shops and businesses, which grew at a very quick pace. The motorcycle world at large had embraced our product and were keen to let fellow bikers know about our business and product. This came with great pride to me personally as I had and still own three motorbikes to this day and was part of that biking fraternity who had took us on board the world over. As well as being a biker, my partner and myself were also massive music fans, we still are to this day, going to clubs, festivals and gigs. The music as good as it is, could sometimes be unbearably or uncomfortably loud, we realised and researched the effects of loud music and the long-term damage that could be caused. I contacted a long-term friend who ran a very successful music shop and festivals in Germany. He agreed to take 100 sets on his first order and launched us into the music world in Germany and in the EU in general. From here we had found yet another market, and DIY earplugs continue to be very popular throughout the music industry.

Thanks to the feedback kindly given to us by our valued Customers, we were able to add other uses to the list we had already compiled including earbud moulds, intercom systems for motor cyclist and instructors, outside noise for shift workers trying to sleep during the day, car clubs and Hot Roders all came on board with valued suggestions for use.

We also took into consideration the environment and world around us. We use RPET fully recyclable outer packaging to present DIY earplugs for our Customers. DIY earplugs are also a good environmental choice as they are fully reusable and help eliminate waste that can ensue from disposable earplugs. We are keen to do and promote our bit for the planet and all our futures.

It is now 14 years since Personal Ear Protectors Ltd was founded and we remain a family run business with the same commitment and enthusiasm that was born from the start, selling and affordable DIY custom moulded earplug kit to our worldwide Customer base and wholesale businesses alike. Many have been with us from the start with repeated orders year in and year out. We greatly appreciate the loyalty we have been trusted with and look forward to a long and healthy future with our existing and new Customers alike.

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