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Motorcycles, Bikes, Cruisers, Classic Bikes, Sports Bikes, Street Fighters, Bobbers & Harleys.

As a keen motorcyclist myself of 40 years, I like most understand the importance of protection. Until recent years we have protected all the parts of our bodies with clothing, boots and helmets etc, but more and more importance and understanding of wind rush and engine noise has come to the forefront. Many of us bikers say “loud pipes save lives” but prolonged riding without ear protection can cause severe damage. Pop your DIY earplugs in before you put your prized helmet on and give yourself that added protection 

The perfect solution for motorcyclist, as DIY earplugs still allow important noise such as warnings through whilst blocking out general buzz and help reduce excessive wind noise.

Cars, Motor Vehicles, Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Custom Cars, Pick Up Trucks & Sports Cars.

As someone who attends car shows, meet ups and rod runs, the sound of a V8 engine is truly amazing, as are most power engines and exhaust systems. The feeling of driving a hot rod as one example is to many sheer heaven, and the loudness is to aspire to. With speed and noise as you rip along the open road comes wind rush and loud prolonged outside noise that without ear protection can cause severe damage. 

DIY earplugs are a perfect solution as they allow important noise such as warnings through whilst blocking out excessive wind rush noise and general buzzing. When you are out cruising or at a show/meet up pop your DIY earplugs in to help protect your hearing now and for the future.


For those who love going on scooter runs or rallies, riding the open road on route to a mod day out, weekender or club, there is nothing better than the rush of the wind, the noise of that classic Lambretta/ Vespa.

Before heading off to the run, pop in your DIY earplugs as prolonged riding can cause severe hearing damage, so give yourself that added protection. DIY earplugs are a perfect solution as they allow important noise such as warnings through whilst blocking out excessive wind rush noise and general buzzing

Music, Festivals, Gigs, Clubs, DJ’s, Musicians, Sound Engineers, Concerts, & Live Bands.

Anyone who is exposed to loud music over prolonged periods or in sudden bursts with high decibel music can cause irreversible damage. Wearing earplugs whilst performing, practicing or listening to music will help protect your hearing from the affects of over exposure. We all love the beat of the base, the rhythm of the drums, that fantastic guitar break, but have all experienced it being in a sudden burst of loudness at a club or festival.

Wearing earplugs can protect you from that feeling and help protect your hearing for the future from the damage that today could cause.

Marching Bands, Pipe Bands, Accordion Bands, Jazz Bands, Brass Bands, Flute Bands, Festival & Steel Bands

Marching bands create a stir in the air and can often be heard from many streets away. To many there is no greater sound than a full pipe band walking through the streets on gala day. Over time more and more band members wear earplugs as they are in the ranks of the bands in close quarters, for long periods or during practice. Hearing protection can be essential for band members, many of whom play with bands for a lifetime and are exposed to loud music or sudden bursts which can cause irreversible damage. 

Wearing earplugs whilst performing or practicing or even listening to a band will help protect your hearing from the effects of over exposure.

Sleeping, Snoring, Outside Noise &Traffic

Noise reduction – No earplug is designed to block out noise completely, so you will not sleep through your alarm clock or an emergency.

Noise adversely affects quality of sleep and health, for this reason many Customers have bought DIY earplugs for this use.

Home and Leisure, Lawnmowers, Hedge Cutters, Drills and other Machinery.

Many of the tools and machinery we use around our houses and garages are often used on a regular basis and can sometimes be noisy. So why not use DIY earplugs during these times as an added precaution to help protect your hearing.

Swimming and Water Sports

Many of our Customers over the years have bought DIY earplugs for the above use including swimming clubs and we have had a lot of positive feedback.

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