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Fitting and Care

DIY Earplug Fitting Instructions

WARNING! When fitting, ensure earplugs are firmly seated, snug and close fitting to outer ear. Failure to refit correctly could result in injury, temporary or permanent hearing loss.

When fitting your earplugs, ensure hands and earplugs are clean. Do not use damaged or torn earplugs. Gently push earplug into ear canal back to its original moulded position. You may need to use a gentle 90° turning motion. 

Grip outer ear gently with thumb and forefinger. Pull outer ear up and outwards and wiggle. Push earplug with other forefinger gently back in to place. This movement of the outer ear can help excess air to escape from ear canal allowing for a better insertion. You may find fit improves after earplugs have had time to warm to body temperature. 

Once both earplugs are inserted, check the fit by talking out loud. Your voice should sound hollow, as if you are talking inside a barrel. The noises around you should not sound as loud as they did before you inserted earplugs. If proper fit is not achieved, move to a quiet location and repeat fitting instructions. Re-check the fit often as plugs may loosen when you talk or chew. Improper fit will reduce effectiveness and could result in hearing loss or injury.
Care, Cleaning & Disinfection Instructions

Examine your earplugs before inserting. Ensure earplugs are clean and dry before inserting. Clean as often as required using mild soapy water, rinse well and thoroughly dry before use. Do not use if earplug becomes torn, damaged or no longer fits correctly.

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